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Beneath the Blue Ridge

Heritage Hollow Farms, LLC - owned collaboratively by husband and wife team Mike and Molly Peterson - is a family run farm utilizing the natural movements of livestock to positively transform and improve the ecological environment of the land under our care. We are direct marketing the meat from these livestock to a growing customer list and maintain a steady, devoted stream of regular customers.

Heritage Hollow: Beneath the Blue Ridge by Ryan Speers.

We are Mike & Molly Peterson of Heritage Hollow Farms in Sperryville, Virginia. When we purchased the farm business from our employer in 2013 we certainly had big dreams to grow the farm but we didn't quite know how it would look every step of the way. We’ve allowed this business to grow organically as our business plan originally forecasted for our first two years in business. Since then, we've been surprised, humbled, and encouraged.

We at Heritage Hollow Farms have now reached the next big step: it's time to grow again. We currently cannot meet the demand for our product and need to invest in more animals, our employee (our cousin) is ready for more work (which means more pay), and we're currently negotiating land leases with several local land owners to help rehabilitate their land with our holistic and regenerative methods of pasture-based farming. These additional tracts of land all reside within our county and will be managed with a neighboring farm Bean Hollow Grassfed: some have sat fallow, some are in need of rehabilitation and all would increase the land under our stewardship to nearly 1,000 acres (and growing).

Mike & Molly Peterson

Mike & Molly Peterson

The great news is: we're ready and excited to grow! We need to invest in more animals, more farming implements (hay truck, trailer - we currently borrow ours), working capital, and employee growth so we're looking for partners (either through traditional investing or simple gifts of cash to the cause): those who believe in supporting agriculture at the ground level with a "Slow Money/Slow Food" approach. The return on the investment for agriculture use is typically not high and it is often at a slower rate but it is based around the idea to "bring money back down to earth". Our typical cash flow cycle on our beef production is 4 years from initial investment to return on investment. Meaning, when the initial investment is made in a cow, it takes 4 years to complete the process which includes pregnancy, calving, weaning the calf, and then 24 months to bring that calf to finishing weight. It's a 4 year conception-to-consumption cycle. We're at the point of growth where upfront capital - with a farming-realistic return and payment schedule for those investments that qualify - would help exponentially to carry this farm forward. We have business loans and a line of credit that we're paying back on schedule, and we have a drive and a proven model with growth demand and potential. Supporting and investing in us means that you believe in who we are as people, our mission, and our philosophies. It also means that you want to keep young families building an agricultural business with a focus on ecology and regenerative agriculture entrenched in a progressive community. Each investment helps us progress forward in having enough livestock to transform the grasslands and pastures in our community. Fallow fields will soon be bursting with more fertility, ecological diversity, stronger water retention, keeping farm land in farm use, and supporting young farming families in Rappahannock County. We are eager to continue this growth cycle.

Matt, Jodi & Liam - our cousins - moved from the Midwest in late 2015 to join the Heritage Hollow Farms Family

Matt, Jodi & Liam - our cousins - moved from the Midwest in late 2015 to join the Heritage Hollow Farms Family

We believe in dreaming big, we believe in the strength of rising together for a greater whole, and we believe in our capabilities to continue to create a stronger local economy and food system. The future is very bright for Heritage Hollow Farms and we're so blessed we get to be the stewards of this wonderful business.

Our needs are on-going and it is a dynamic, moving target but one that keeps us really excited and hopeful for the future of the farm and the land under our care. 

If you'd like to support our mission, please click the black box below and you'll be forever a part of building a greater community supporting young farmers. For that, high five: you're awesome.

Yes! I want to help Mike & Molly build the farm!

Additional ways to help us grow our mission:

Community Support: For those of you in our immediate area that have frequented our store or have purchased our products from one of our other retail partners, thank you. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts. Each purchase continues to build our dream and keeps us progressing towards our goals. We run in to so many of our neighbors while we're out in the County who offer words of encouragement and support and that can brighten our day in an instant. 

Investment Partners: Please contact us if you have interest in investing in Heritage Hollow Farms on a larger scale to help us grow this next leg of our journey. We can be reached via phone, email, or in person if you have a trip in you to the lovely Sperryville, Virginia. Contact page {HERE}.

Continue to send us your encouraging words: those out-of-the-blue phone calls, emails, and store visits to thank us or tell us how much you enjoy what we do/how we do it really does mean a lot. Thank you for being a part of our community.

*Please note: we are not a non profit nor do we claim to be. Any gifts through the button above are NOT considered tax-deductible. Donations through the websites are considered gifts - not loans - and no product, service, nor interest will be exchanged/returned. If you're interested in an investment you can contact us through the contact page above. 
We were interviewed recently by The Huffington Post. Click {HERE}.