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The sisters crossed nursed and raised their piglets: I couldn't even begin to tell you which piglet came from which mother from the very first 5 seconds of life. They all spent the next couple of months nursing (lots of that), sleeping (lots of that), rolling in mud puddles, and playing in the tall grass. At one point they were with the sheep, cattle, and goats all in the same field and what a beautiful sight to see all species napping together under the shade. 


MollyMike Peterson

(The summer was busy and we farmers had little time to update the blog. We'll be posting some of our newsletters & thoughts from the farm in coming days.)

Dear Farm Friends,

August arrived softly: soft gray clouds, soft temperatures, and the softness that comes with the realization that summer is lightly floating across the farm. This past month was filled with multiple visits from family living out of the area (find aerial photos of the farm from one of the visits with Mike's dad & his WWII biplane on the Facebook page!), smiling faces coming through the farm store door, a handful of tours from those interested in seeing first-hand who we are and where their food comes from, and the final trip for Molly's book travel.

We're a small staff - 3 to be exact - and to say it wasn't a strain for Molly to be gone much of the spring/summer for this upcoming book wouldn't be telling the truth. We decided as a family she should be a part of this project to photograph eighteen farmers across the country with our farmer/author friend Forrest Pritchard (author of Gaining Ground). The book will highlight small family farms just like ours and the dedication, authenticity, and desire to bring nourishing food to the homes of their customers and neighbors. She traveled from California to South Carolina to Minnesota to Colorado to Dallas and beyond, and when she was home she was catching up on farm work in the office and in the field where needed. We would like to thank each one of you for your patience if we were a little slower to reach or perhaps looked a little tired when you saw us. We hope you find a copy when it is released June 2015 to bookstores everywhere (and available in the farm store, too!) and send your gratitude to the farmers highlighted in the book for doing, what Molly calls, "heart work" from their farms across the United States.

With Gratitude Until Next Time,

Molly & Mike