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The sisters crossed nursed and raised their piglets: I couldn't even begin to tell you which piglet came from which mother from the very first 5 seconds of life. They all spent the next couple of months nursing (lots of that), sleeping (lots of that), rolling in mud puddles, and playing in the tall grass. At one point they were with the sheep, cattle, and goats all in the same field and what a beautiful sight to see all species napping together under the shade. 


MollyMike Peterson


(The summer was busy and we farmers had little time to update the blog. We'll be posting some of our newsletters & thoughts from the farm in coming days.)

Yes, it is already July - the middle of July, really. Our days begin at dawn and end at dusk and yet each day we feel "behind". It is the growing season for sure! As much as we feel behind as we watch the farm growing, the animals and the grass growing, the weeds along the fence lines growing (too quickly!), and our farm store growing in patronage, we feel an increasing awareness and reminder in our hearts to take a step back and slow it a little bit - in our own ways when and where we can.

We took a half day off together for the Fourth of July holiday and realized it was the first time we were both home at mid-day together with no one rushing off to the next "to do" since those winter storms socked us in. After the first belly-satisfying BLT's of the season, we each took very long and very fulfilling naps.

The Fourth of July holiday is to celebrate true freedom of this country -- so as we reflected upon that a couple of things came to mind: often, farmers have a tie to the farm seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, year after year -- we are in a "no matter what" arrangement with Mother Nature and those in our care. And, to be very honest, sometimes that doesn't feel very liberating or full of freedom. At the same time, however, we get to walk the Earth each day with these animals, interacting with nature, finding quiet moments where we can to let it sink in and rest in our souls, and manage our own schedules. True freedom, for us, comes wrapped in this package as stewards of the land - each day is new and different and each day we are grateful this is where we get to be.

"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive."
-Howard Thurman

Follow your passion, your dreams will unfold. Make sure your dreams are yours and not what you perceive to be the dreams of what others want you to be.  You can change course as often as it takes, but don't lose sight of the destination. What is the destination? Peace, love, family, solitude. It's different for all of us and that's why freedom is such a wonderful right to be grateful for. We all have the right to choose and follow our heart down our own path. Excuses and reasons not to follow our true passion are easy to come up with. The path that our heart sets us down, ultimately will set us free.

-Molly & Mike