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Why Transparency Matters To Us


The sisters crossed nursed and raised their piglets: I couldn't even begin to tell you which piglet came from which mother from the very first 5 seconds of life. They all spent the next couple of months nursing (lots of that), sleeping (lots of that), rolling in mud puddles, and playing in the tall grass. At one point they were with the sheep, cattle, and goats all in the same field and what a beautiful sight to see all species napping together under the shade. 

Why Transparency Matters To Us

MollyMike Peterson

We sit here content on this Sunday evening.  Our bodies are wary from a full, busy week and our souls are satisfied after a great weekend in the store.  We had two customers come in to pick up their bulk orders and several new faces came in to the farm store.

One wonderful aspect of being in a direct marketing business is that we get the pleasure of interacting with all of you. We've always had and will continue to have an open door policy at the store or at either of the farms we manage. We rely on transparency in all facets of our operation. Transparency is not a phrase we take lightly.  It's a term that can be misunderstood and overused. We rely on this single phrase for any of our certification. We choose to not carry any certifications on our label, but rely on all of you to see for yourselves who we are and what we do. No question goes unanswered and no area on the farm goes unseen if you would like to see it.

Currently, with so much attention being poured on the negatives of food production, it's more important than ever that we all focus on the positive.  Education on the negative aspects of food production is important so we realize what's happening, but there are so many wonderful things occurring all over the Country by small farmers much like us, working incredibly hard to do their part to change the future of food. Let's all put our attention on that.  

Are you all familiar with the power of intention? The more light (positive or negative) that we bring to what we don't want, the more prolific it will become.  What if we spend the same amount of time reading about all that is wrong with these issues we face, we spend that time looking at and supporting the people who are offering the solutions. If more mainstream media attention gets placed on what we want, the more power this will eventually carry. 

So, I encourage you: Ask questions, arrange a time to come visit.  Find out who we are as people and how that effects how your food is raised. That is a scenario you cannot find in a big box store.  Those products are hidden behind multi-million dollar marketing, packaging, and advertising campaigns. Here Molly and I are in our nondescript jeans, sweatshirts, coats, and hats  working as hard as we can to raise, feed, grow, and sell you meat in the most ecological and sustainable manner that we can. No gimmicks, catch phrases, or undercover videos are needed. We're pure and honest people, producing food in harmony with Nature and caring for the livestock we're fortunate enough to spend every day of the week with.