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Mangalitsa Pigs

We have been fortunate enough to invest in Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa (also called Mangalica) breeding stock in early 2014 and a handful of Blonde Mangalitsa pigs, too in 2015. We now have our first litters well on the way to being ready for harvest late summer of 2016. This breed of pig has been a complete joy to raise and we look forward to the opportunity to offer them to you. As with the rest of our pigs, they are raised outdoors in our pastures and in the shade of our apple trees. In addition to what they graze and root for, they are supplemented with a feed ration consisting of wheat and barley, the traditional low protein diet they adapted to in Hungary. Their meat and fat is exceptional and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy raising them.

    Through this purchase, you are making an investment in our integrity and authenticity. You believe in who we are as people, how we farm, why we farm, and the manner in which we go about running our farm. Each and every animal under our care is important to us and we love them through their entire lives. They are an integral part in positively transforming the landscapes under our stewardship and they teach us a great deal about who we are.

    Bringing people together over food is a powerful and enjoyable experience and it is our intention that this process will do just that. There is also a cost advantage to investing in a whole animal as opposed to halves, quarters, or eighths. It saves us an incredible amount of time in coordinating, too. Kill dates are booked at our butcher 3-6 months in advance, depending upon the season, so your reservation will be matched with an existing butcher date. You will have the flexibility to have the animal cut to your specifications, but must be within the options that our butcher offers.

    Thank you for being a part of our farm family.

EMAIL US for pricing and reservation information. heritagehollowfarms(at)gmail(dot)com