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Our Animals

100% Grassfed, Grass-Finished, Pasture-Raised Beef

Most of our beef is currently bred, born, and raised on our two leased farms. The majority of them are Black and Red Angus. We have two separate calving seasons on the two farms that we operate on. One farm calves in the Spring and the other calves in the fall. This allows us to have beef ready to finish year round. Our calves, cows, steers, and heifers all live together and move as a single herd to fresh grass nearly every day (depending upon grass growth, weather, time of year). Due to the growing demand for our beef, we have started partnerships with some of our local friends - who have the same high standards of care - to purchase weaned calves to enter in to our grassfed program. We utilize holistic planned grazing, which focuses on the health of the soil and building that top soil to produce highly nutritious forage. We graze in a manner that promotes the natural herding and grazing tendencies of the bovine. In the winter we graze on stockpiled cool season grasses (fescue) and hay (dried grass) when needed for supplementation. The finishing steers - those who are old enough to move in to our meat production - are grazed ahead of the rest of the herd to have the best choice of the grasses to better achieve properly finished grassfed beef with beautiful marbling, which contributes to the taste and texture. We only finish our beef during certain seasons when the conditions are just right so there are times of the year when we're low on beef but we wouldn't have it any other way: some things are worth waiting for.  We put a lot of emphasis on our grass finishing. Our genetics, grazing, and management are all geared towards an animal that will marble and put on fat well on grass alone. These characteristics are also how we tell when an animal is truly finished. We won't harvest an animal based on age or weight alone, but we wait until they are truly marbled and grass finished. It could take as long as 3 years, but typically is closer to 30 months.

100% Grassfed, Grass-Finished, Pasture-Raised Lamb

We're excited about our growing lamb program. Some of our lambs are born on our farm and some of our lambs are born on a farm not far from ours, Bean Hollow Grassfed, with rolling green pastures and raised by a family we are pretty honored to work with. They lamb, we purchase their weaned lambs when they are old enough, and we finish on our grasses for a few months until they are grass-finished. Both our program and Bean Hollow's are Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed. As they grow their flock, we hope to be able to grow our lamb program for our customers as well. Our lambs live in the fields with the cattle for added protection from predators and multi-species grazing benefits for the soil and animal health. In 2015 we also invested in our own ewe flock to supplement our lambs from our Bean Hollow partners. We have Katahdin Ewes as well as Texel and Texel/Suffolk crosses (from Fools Gold Texels in Dayton, Md). Look for our first official round of lambs in 2016. 

Pastured, Forest-Fed, Orchard-Raised Heritage Breed Pork

We raise a variety of Tamworth, Berkshire, and Large Black pigs: some purebred, some crosses. Most of our piglets are born on our farm and some we purchase as weaned piglets - approximately 8 weeks old - from a few select farmers. We have visited these farms, talked with the farmers about their practices and feel great knowing that when our customers buy our finished pork products, they not only played a role in supporting our family farm but also in others. Our pigs live a pretty laid back life. These pigs are friendly, safe to walk among, and make exceptional meats. We rotate them among our pastures, forested areas, and orchards depending upon the time of year and the forage available. They are fed a grain ration by Hiland Naturals which is Non-GMO Project Verified and Animal Welfare Approved, as well as tested for mycotoxins, herbicides and pesticides in the mornings to make sure we meet their nutritional needs that they may not be getting from grazing alone.

Pastured, Forest-Fed, Orchard-Raised Mangalitsa Pork

In late 2014 we added 4 Mangalitsa/Mangalica piglets to our farm. Our first two litters of piglets arrived in April 2015 with another due later in the summer. It is a long-term investment for the farm but one we are excited about. The Mangalitsa breed, originating from Hungary and only imported into the US as recently as 2006, has wooly, curly coats and are coveted by chefs and bakers for their extensive and sought after fat and marbeling.  This breed has been particularly enjoyable to raise with family-friendly interaction and personalities who regularly enjoy (and ask for) belly rubs.


Scottish Highland, Belted Galloway, & Red devon Cattle


In early 2015, we welcomed Scottish Highland, Belted Galloway, and Red Devon heifers to the farm. The Highlanders and Galloways are heritage breeds, originally from Scotland, and honor Molly's Scottish heritage as well as her affinity for photographing farm life. The Red Devons are known for their exceptional grass-based genetic performance. We will begin breeding them during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. 

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